Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan aka Mujahid Miski
The news was announced by Mujahid Miski, a Somali American from Minnesota Facebook

An American national has reportedly been killed fighting for Islamic State in Syria. The dead fighter is only referred to by the nom de guerre, Abu Yusef.

Abu Yusuf is believed to be of Somali origin and lived in the city of Minneapolis, Minnasota. He died in Islamic State's latest attempt to seize the besieged Syrian town of Kobani.

The news was broken by another Somali American, known as Mujahid Miski or Mohamed Miski on social media. Miski claimed that he was informed of the news by Yusuf's brother, Ahmed Bashi, who is reportedly a fighter for al-Shabaab.

Miski is believed to be currently fighting in Somalia with the terrorist organisation Al Shabaab, despite giving his current location on facebook as the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad.

Mujahid Miski is thought to be Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan. Hassan attended Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington, until the age of 17.

According to the New York Times, Hassan left Minneapolis and travelled to Somalia on 3 August 2008. He joined the Al-Qaeda affilitated group al-Shabaab and has become an important recruiter for al-Shabaab as well as promoting the messages of Islamic State on social media.

Hassan has also shown an interest in British jihadists, frequently interacting and retweeting news of British fighters in Iraq and Syria.

On 29 January 2014, Hassan tweeted: "My heart is in Sham, my eyes are in Aqsa and My Soul is in Somalia."

Recently Hassan posted photos of several young lion cubs, whom he claims were taken by al-Shabaab because they were going to be sold at a local market.

His profile picture changed from a picture of the former Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, to him holding a cute lion cub.

His twitter account has been suspended a numerous times, something Hassan boasts about on his Twitter biography: "I got suspended 12 times but I'm still tweeting, Thats a proof I'm not giving up if you need a reason."