Rick Grimes and Michonne's love was a focal point in The Walking Dead season 6, which most fans appreciated. Popularly known as Richonne, their romantic chemistry has also received flak from a group of fans, especially after their first kiss in episode 10 The Next World.

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira have finally opened up about their on-screen romance. Lincoln thinks the Richonne kiss was "natural."

"It's the most natural thing. I kept thinking, 'Of course – it's been right in front of me all the time,'" he says in the behind-the-scenes interview from the Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD release via People.

Michonne, a woman of very few words, is mother-like towards Rick's children Carl and Judith. Hence, it is natural for the Alexandria Safe-Zone leader to fall in love with the woman who remained a loyal protector of his family during the difficult time of the apocalypse.

Gurira's character was introduced as a tough woman who rarely displays her emotions in AMC's post-apocalyptic zombie thriller. It was Beth Greene who forced her to hold Judith. That was the moment when Michonne had an emotional outburst and reveals that she feels guilty of not being able to save her own son Andre.

"I think she's probably been in love with Rick for a while. Definitely cutting herself off from her heart," Gurira explains Michonne's emotional journey and how Rick considers her as his immediate family. "He had a mission in his mind to take care of her need. That's kind of that, 'Oh my god that's so sweet' moment – but apocalypse-style," she added.

The upcoming season 7 will begin with the deadly Negan scene that sees Rick and his crew kneeling down. In the premiere episode, the Savior leader will end the life of one of the captives by crushing his/her skull. TWD season 7 will premiere on 23 October in the US on AMC.