If you thought the four-digit passcode to your iPhone made it secure... you're wrong.

Hackers have reportedly found a way to decrypt the code, using an XRY hack tool that is similar to any jailbreak tool used to remove installation restrictions on iPhones.

The video below is a guide to unravel the secret of how to crack an iPhone or Android smartphone's passcode. The procedure includes dumping data to a computer, decrypting it and then accessing data like GPS locations, call logs, contacts, messages and even a log of keystrokes.

Check out the video, courtesy Micro Systemation:

XRY is a hack application developed by Micro Systemation to enable law enforcement agencies to access information from passcode-protected iPhones and Android smartphones of suspects and military detainees.

"XRY works much like the jailbreak hacks that allow users to remove the installation restrictions on their devices," explained Mike Dickinson, the software developer's Marketing Director in a Forbes report. Understandably Dickinson would not say much more, except to say the company didn't use backdoor vulnerabilities in the devices created by the manufacturer. Instead, it sought security flaws in the software, just as jailbreakers do.

"The company sells products capable of accessing passcode-protected iOS and Android devices in over 60 countries. It supplies 98% of the U.K.'s police departments, for instance, as well as many American police departments and the FBI. Its largest single customer is the U.S. military," Dickinson added, saying, "When people aren't wearing uniforms, looking at mobile phones to identify people is quite helpful."

Check out the intriguing video depicting iPhone passcode hack in action:

Watching this video could be quite unnerving, given the fact anybody could grab your iPhone and not only unlock it but also access personal details. Any security flaw in the iOS with backdoor access through DFU mode is unpatchable, as is the case with innumerable jailbreaks making waves across the jailbreak community.