Android M Developer Preview
An early build of Android M is available for OnePlus One Android

Recently, we came across a video uploaded by OnePlus forum member Aaahh, showing Android M booting on OnePlus One, without having any wallpapers, bootanimation and apps.

Within a couple of days, the member has posted a beta build of Android M for OnePlus One. The test version is not ready for daily use. But if you do try it out, it appears to be bloated, containing two similar apps, one of which crashes pretty fast. It does not include framework and some of the API. Here is what the member notes about the beta release.

Due to recompilation of some apps (including play services), you may want to update play service or flash minimum gapps for 5.1.1 (to do so).

Mutliboot: use ak kernel only

As the ROM is undergoing development, you might find some features not functioning properly including:

  • Audio can cut in and out sometimes
  • Most Sensors are done
  • Bluetooth
  • Multiple versions of the same app
  • Crashing apps
  • SystemUI not yet updated (not really a bug)

If you want to get your hands on the early build, try the download link below. Installation will be at your own risk. Neither the developer nor IBTimes UK can be held liable for any mishaps during the installation.

Download link: Android M beta build

Those looking for a manual installation method should use Fastboot and a PC.

  • fastboot flash boot b6.img
  • fastboot flash system system_new.img
  • fastboot reboot

Check the video to see how the Android M boots up on OnePlus One.

Head over to the OnePlus forum to know more about the Android M beta 1 for OnePlus One.