Work will no longer get done, revision will be skipped and procrastination will reach an all-time high - a new Angry Birds game is coming on 22 March.

Game developer Rovio released a teaser trailer of Angry Birds Space on Monday, which it claims will be "the biggest game launch since the original Angry Birds."

Angry Birds Space
All we know is that it\'ll definitely take over your life. Again. (Rovio)

Other than promising "one quantum leap for birdkind" little else is known about the new game, but we would expect to see some kind of anti-gravity features or maybe even alien pigs to make the game even harder than it already is.

The trailer is named "Teaser #1" so we would imagine that Rovio will reveal several more before the game finally lands in smartphone and browser application stores the world over.

Rovio has said on its blog that NASA and National Geographic will be partnering with the game developer. ""Science and education are very important to us," the company added.

Angry Birds has been phenomenally popular since it was launched in 2009, racking up more than half a billion downloads and spawning a range of merchandise including clothes, bags, boardgames and toys.

More recently, Rovio announced that it had partnered with Lappset Group of Finland to build Angry Birds-themed playgrounds for children, which will arrive in the UK later this year.

The Angry Birds Space teaser comes just a few weeks after Rovio updated Angry Birds Seasons to include new levels celebrating Chinese New Year.

The game will be available from 22 March on iOS, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, as well as Google's Chrome browser and through the Mac AppStore, too.