Turkey has accused the European Union (EU) of failing to hold up its end of the deal to stem the flow of migrants into the continent. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the EU is yet to release funds to help ease the pressure on the conditions of Syrian refugees just days after saying it was "not fair" to expect Turkey to implement the deal without delivering what was promised.

"We signed an agreement with the EU and it has not been implemented," Yildirim was quoted as saying by the Times. "Europe has only received 1,000 Syrians, when they should have taken 100,000," he added.

"€3bn (£2.59bn, $3.38bn) of aid was committed to us and we have not heard anything about this. Nor have we heard anything about the visa exemption. This is unfair – it is a one-way road," Yildirim said.

The EU clinched a deal with Ankara to help tackle the migrant crisis in March. Under the terms of the agreement, any "new irregular migrants" arriving in Greece would be sent back to Turkey.

As part of the deal, Turkey was promised visa-free travel to Schengen countries, but this is yet to be implemented.

Turkey has demanded that visa requirements for its citizens be scrapped by October, but there are doubts as to whether all EU countries are prepared to sign off on the new rules. This would throw the agreement into jeopardy as Ankara has suggested it would stop taking back refugees from Greece, according to the Times.

The number of migrant arrivals in Greece from Turkey has been rising since the deal with the EU was struck. Earlier this month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the EU of "not behaving in a sincere manner with Turkey."

He warned that Turkey could refuse to take back refugees from Greece. "If our demands our not satisfied then the readmissions will no longer be possible," he said. "There are currently three million refugees in Turkey, and the only concern of EU member states is that those refugees do not reach their territories."