Anna Duggar
Anna and Josh Duggar were missing from family's wedding photographs and finally appeared on social media to celebrate son's birthday Screen grab from TLC's

Anna Duggar reappeared on social media to celebrate her son Marcus' fourth birthday on 3 June. Her picture was shared on the Duggar family's official Facebook page, but she was neither alone, not sad in the picture.

The reality star was smiling and was accompanied by husband Josh Duggar and son. And since her return, fans of the evangelical Christian family have been hailing her for being a strong woman and a symbol of love and forgiveness.

"What an example Anna is of God's love and forgiveness. I can only imagine the road you've walked but what Satan meant to destroy, God can use for good," a fan commented on the image where the 27-year-old mother of four posed happily with the disgraced Duggar son and four-year-old Marcus.

Anna and Josh's relationship hit rock bottom after the infamous Ashley Madison hack revealed the latter's dual life as he was caught cheating on his wife through various online dating websites. He also admitted of battling with porn addiction and later entered into a rehab to deal with his issues. They have also admitted to undergoing therapy to make their marriage work amid multiple rumours of Anna wanting to divorce her husband.

But eventually the storm in their relationship calmed down as they were able to work successfully on their turbulent marriage. In March, Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting their fifth baby later in 2017.

"Anna you are an amazing woman, God doesn't say marriage is easy but we have to work at it ...I Hope dear little Marcus had a lovely day," another Duggar fan praised Jim Bob and Michelle daughter-in-law for her patience to bring the family together.

Anna previously made a poignant return on social media when she liked a quote shared by her friend @masiespace on Instagram.

"I am inspired by Annas Godly heart! I know how difficult it is to move on from this but a person that seeks God with all their heart will have a heart of forgiveness and compassion," a user hailed the pregnant TLC star for her courage. "Anna you are a remarkable woman! Beauty and grace," added another.

The couple, however, was missing in action in the latest Duggar wedding where Jim Bob's fifth daughter Joy Anna got married to Austin Forsyth on Friday 26 May. They were also missing from the congratulatory messages shared by the Duggar family. Fans believed Jim Bob and Michelle have ignored Josh and Anna.