Anonymous has joined the chorus of discontent at President Donald Trump's reign by announcing its #OpResistance campaign – something that promises to stir civil disorder and unrest unless Trump and his administration resign.

The hacktivists shot out a warning to the newly-appointed leader of the free world with a press release and video published on YouTube that saw the faceless group demand a resignation by 28 February, claiming that since Trump has taken up office in the White House they "have witnessed an unprecedented attack on basic human decency and civil rights". A website with a countdown timer to 'uninstalling the regime' has also been setup.

The opening footage of the video message shows mobs of protesters clashing with authorities, a nod to the organised mass uprising they claim will be unleashed if their demands are not met.

"We will protest, resist and continue to practice civil disobedience until we can clearly state that this regime is at an end. You have exactly 35 days or we will take to the streets in a day of resistance," claimed the group.

Anonymous calls Trump a "hateful and intolerant tyrant" and attack his regime and "unconstitutional executive orders have threatened the rights of nearly every single demographic in this country".

They cite his plans for building a border wall between the United States and Mexico, allegedly silencing the EPA and National Park's Service from speaking on climate change, and most recently imposing a travel ban for those from select Muslim countries.

"Refusing immigration from Muslim countries set the precedent for an isolationist ideology that history has shown us is what perpetuated both world wars," Anonymous said.

They also spoke of Trump "pedalling blatant lies" about his inauguration turnout numbers, how he supports waterboarding, has expedited the Dakota Access Pipeline and "risking the open and free space of the internet by supporting net neutrality". To all of which the statement read: "We will not stand for this."

Their call-to-action comes in the form of a warning of resistance and organised opposition in a mass march for radical change. They compare the situation to the Egyptian revolution saying "dissent is hard but vital". Anonymous' then issued the following demands:

1. That Donald Trump resign from the office of President of the United States by 28 February, 2017

2. That the current administration submits its resignation by 28 February 2017

3. That the interim administration be made of senior elected officials of the Independent Party, thus removing any bias or unwanted opposition misappropriation

4. That early free and fair elections are called on as soon as possible

"We will not rest until these demands are met. If these demands are not met we will not let you sleep without hearing our voices ring across this great nation. You have exactly 35 days or we will take to the streets in a day of resistance. We will let you know the true extent of the American people's power and influence. We are a nation founded on revolution and we will continue that tradition until our government is once again stable and in competent hands."

Anonymous has targeted Donald Trump in the past, during his presidential run, with its #OpTrump campaign, which promised to take his websites offline. While it claimed a minor victory in one DDoS attack the call to arms failed to generate much traction. During the course of the Presidential election Anonymous was, by its own standards, fairly quiet but since Trump has taken up office its activities have once again come-to-life. Only last week the hacktivists claimed to expose Trump's alleged personal ties with "Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers".