Rabbi Ahron Cohen's car was torched in a suspected Jew-on-Jew attack over his anti-Israel stance
Rabbi Ahron Cohen has been attacked for his stance on Israel's war with Palestine Getty

Arsonists torched a car belonging to an anti-Zionist Rabbi in Manchester who has condemned violence against Palestine and branded Israel a "festering sore."

A Volvo estate vehicle was doused in fuel and set alight in Salford, Manchester, in what appears to be an escalation of a hate campaign against Rabbi Ahron Cohen.

It happened in Welbeck Grove, Broughton, after Cohen's house was pelted with eggs by a Jewish mob for his stance on Israel's war with Palestine last month.

A neighbour told the Manchester Evening News that tensions in the area's Jewish community had been inflamed by the elderly man's condemnation of attacks on the Gaza Strip. Cohen is a top member of orthodox Jewish group Neturei Karta, which is against the state of Israel.

The woman, who wanted to stay anonymous, said: "His views have angered a lot of people around here. A lot of families have boys in the Israeli army."

Cohen spoke to MEN after the firebombing of his car and called for a peaceful dialogue between rival factions. Defending his controversial stance on Israel, he said: "Imagine if a group of foreigners set up a state in Lancashire. I don't think it would be a lot different to the reaction of the Palestinians to the formation of the state of Israel.

"It's been a disaster, a festering sore that goes back 100 years."

A police spokesman said: "Police were called following reports a car was set alight outside a house on Wellbeck Grove, Higher Broughton.

"Police are treating this as arson and inquiries are on-going."