Social media across the Arab world is ablaze with reports of a Jewish "antichrist" baby with one eye and no nose born in Tel Aviv.

Social media posts are linking the baby to the Islamic "Dajjal" – the equivalent of the Christian Antichrist.

Despite the strong possibility the story and the video a hoax, the popularity of anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic invective that is present across the Middle East has given the story traction.

The Arabic language accompanying the below video is translated by the Jewish Press as:

"Activists on Facebook have been showing a video of a small newborn baby with one eye in the middle of his forehead and without a slot for the nose, who was born in Israel and described it as "the Antichrist"

The video has garnered over 125,000 hits since it was uploaded but Cairo-based Dr Mohammed Shahat, a member of the Islamic Research Academy, has denied that the child could be the Antichrist.

"The Antichrist will not appear until after the return of Jesus, peace be upon him ... There is religious basis to confirm that the baby is the Antichrist which is described in sacred books," Shahat said.

Indeed, the story of the "cyclops baby" first emerged in Bolivia, in 2008.