Ken Roth Emily Maitlis
Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch's tweet with a picture of Emily Maitlis Twitter

It's always the people you least expect.

"Of all the people Trump could have picked as deputy CIA director, he chose woman who ran CIA black site for torture," tweeted Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, one of the most respected NGOs in the world.

Roth linked to a piece in The Intercept by Glenn Greenwald, highlighting that US President Trump had hired Gina Hapsel to be deputy director of the CIA.

He accompanied his tweet with a photo of the culprit.

Who knew that the BBC's Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis was really just using a nom de guerre, and that she was behind one of the notorious CIA black sites for conducting torture? Is this what we pay our licence fee for?

.@KenRoth I hear you, May just picked this torturous woman as head of MI5. #SadnessInHerEyes

— Wefail (@wefail) February 3, 2017

I remember her when she used to play for Leeds Utd.

— Scottish Footy Cards (@ScotsFootyCards) February 3, 2017

She also ran a torture camp in Britain, code named 'Crinkly Bottom'.

— Rainy (@rainy101) February 3, 2017

Head of MI6 now implicated.

— Paul Kelly (@UptonPK) February 3, 2017

she scrubs up should see her after one of her clandestine interviews she secretly conducts in BBC

— Timmy Tour (@TimmyTour) February 3, 2017

Incoming CIA director is also woman who ran CIA 'black n white' sites in north England.

— Highway62 (@Highway62) February 3, 2017

Its worse over here in the UK mate,Theresa May's new head of Social Housing wants us all living in Pink windmills

— Deano Baggio 2.0 (@DiscoDean7) February 3, 2017