Speculation is rife about the most anticipated iPhone 6 in the near future although the tech giant has maintained secrecy about the striking features and the release date of the phone. The smartphone is expected to launch in July 2013. No official announcement has been made by the company. Till then, tech enthusiasts can only speculate on the features of the iPhone 6 and wait till they get their hands on the device.

Check out the most anticipated features of iPhone 6

[1] Design

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to flaunt a touchscreen which will be made of graphene. This time, Apple is focusing on environment-friendly products. The light-weight device will look stunning with extreme precision and accuracy. The screen could be water-resistant too. Even if the user holds the device against one's sweaty face it could not cause any damage to the screen. The screen could offer onscreen buttons based on virtual technology.

[2] Battery

Apple could introduce the latest battery known as Organic Radical Battery (ORB), a Japanese creation. Perhaps, it could replace the conventional Lithiumion battery. The incredible battery which is eco-friendly could require less time to recharge.

[3] A6 Chip

The iPhone 6 is expected to come with an A6 chip since the A5 chip could be released in iPhone 5. However, according to reports, the A5 chip was overheating which means it will not be able to handle the advanced features. The iPhone 6 could bump up with an A6 chip which could me more powerful when compared to the A5 chip.

[4] Pico projector

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to incorporate the Pico projector. It can be used to project movies, images or presentations on a flat surface from a certain distance. The feature could deal a killer blow to the existing smartphones which possess the Pico projector.

[5] Plastic cases

Possibly, polycarbonate could be replaced by plastic cases. The material could be crafted as isoplast which is bio-degradable too.

[6] 128 GB

The iPhone 6 could come with 128 GB memory storage. In addition, the company could be working on 64 GB and 128 GB to be integrated in upcoming iPhone 6 Smartphones.