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The battery of the Apple iPhone 5 is strong enough for day-to-day power usage and is capable of holding a charge for longer than many devices with larger batteries, according to a range of tests conducted by the specialist website AnandTech.

In a battery test for web browsing on Wi-Fi, the iPhone 5 survived an impressive time of over 10 hours, topping the chart in the test. The HTC One X (AT&T variant) powered by a Snapdragon S4, lasted for almost the same time. The Galaxy S3 managed around six hours.

In a battery test for web browsing on cellular networks (3G/4G LTE), the LTE version of the iPhone 5 beat all the other high-end smartphones with a life of more than eight hours. The non-LTE version of the iPhone 5 managed just under five hours. The One X's (AT&T LTE) battery lasted longer than the non-LTE iPhone 5, at nearly seven hours. The international version of One X (3G) and Galaxy S3 (3G) also managed nearly five hours.

In the GLBenchmark 2.5.1 battery test, which features a GPU rundown battery life test, the iPhone 5 lasted for just above three hours, slightly less than the iPhone 4S. Motorola's newest RAZR i lasted for nearly seven hours, topping the chart.

During a Wi-Fi hotspot battery test (4G LTE) - which measures how long the device can last acting as a hotspot (this is a network bound test) - the iPhone 5 did relatively well, though it could not beat the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX which survived for more than six hours.

iPhone 5 battery test
The battery test results of iPhone 5 and other high-end smartphones. AnandTech

Finally, in the cellular talk time test - which measures the call time until the battery drains completely and the display turns off - the iPhone 5 lasted for more than eight hours, whereas the iPhone 4S lasted for more than nine hours. The Droid RAZR MAXX once again secured top spot by surviving for more than 20 hours. The One X (global version), One X (AT&T), One V, One S (T-Mobile), Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 (AT&T) delivered battery life of more than 10 hours each.

The battery test concludes with a note that the iPhone 5's battery can last anywhere between 3.15 and 10.27 hours on a single charge. However, under heavy use, the device can be expected to lose 10 to 15 per cent of battery charge per hour. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 can complete tasks slightly faster than previous models, meaning users are likely to get more done on one charge.

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