Apple iOS 8 and iWatch Details Surface, Focus on Health and Fitness Monitoring
Apple is set to launch to the iWatch alongside two new iPhone 6 models on 9 September.

A new report suggests Apple is ready to unveil its much talked about smartwatch sooner than expected, at a media event in less than two weeks time.

According to sources speaking to website Re/Code, Apple will unveil the smartwatch - set to be called the iWatch or iBand - at a media event on 9 September which was previously thought to revolve solely around the launch of the company's two new iPhone 6 models.

Re/Code was the first website to report that Apple would be holding a media event on 9 September - and while this has yet to be officially confirmed by Apple sending out invites, it has been separately confirmed by numerous sources.

If Apple does reveal the iWatch in a couple of weeks time, it is still unclear if the company's smartwatch will make it to stores in time for Christmas.

As we speculated last week, the complete lack of leaked iWatch images is not as a result of Apple dumping the entire project, but simply because it is not in production yet - therefore no supply chain leaks.

The fact the device is not in production yet means we could be waiting until 2015 for it to go on sale. The original iPhone was unveiled five months before it went on sale while the original iPad was shown off three months ahead of its retail release.

Apple's iWatch is set to integrate heavily with the company's newly launched HealthKit and HomeKit platforms (for fitness tracking and home automation) which form part of the company's iOS 8 software.

iOS 8 is also set to be launched officially at the 9 September event alongside the 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone 6s.