When Apple debuted the iPhone X, it was a radical departure from previous models after it swapped out Touch ID for Face ID. Since then, all succeeding models have relied on the latter biometric security feature. While most users have already adapted to the new system, there are still those who want the company to bring back the fingerprint scanner. Now that it has begun work on the iPhone 12, insiders have been leaking interesting bits of information regarding its features. The latest one to come from sources reportedly suggests that Touch ID might be on its way back albeit in an upgraded form.

The speculation comes from a report by MacRumours regarding the possibility of Apple using an under-display fingerprint scanner. The American tech group allegedly scheduled a meeting with GIS, a Taiwanese manufacturer of touchscreen tech. The agenda appears to be related to the integration of a new version of the aforementioned biometric sensor with the new iPhone.

People privy to the iPhone 12 details claim the components will be sourced from Qualcomm. The new component might possibly be produced by the chipmaker together with GIS. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner is believed to be an ultrasonic variant instead of optical. Flagship handsets such as the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 from Samsung are equipped with these. However, a recent flaw indicated by experts highlighted a problem.

This was later attributed to users registering their fingerprints with a screen protector in between the display. This was eventually fixed via a software patch released late in October. Earlier this year, Qualcomm hinted at creating a new type of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that will match the display size of the handset. Sources suspect Apple will probably use it for its next smartphone.

In a related news, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max might end up using Y-OCTA displays from Samsung. Meanwhile, the entry-level iPhone 12 is supposedly slated to use a different type of display supplied by Samsung and LG. One limitation of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners is that it only works on OLED displays.

Therefore, it seems that the two flagship models are the likely candidates to feature this new under-display biometric security feature. This seems to be in line with what reliable tech industry analysts have pointed out. Touch ID might be finally making a comeback alongside Face ID on certain iPhone 12 variants.

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