There is considerable talk about Apple's re-designed MacBook Pro, which is expected to see daylight sometime in May. The most common rumours suggest a device that is thinner and lighter, in addition, of course, to being packed with more features.

Rumours suggest, in fact, the new MacBook Pro could actually look the MacBook Air, as well as having a revamped processor - the new Intel Ivy Bridge chips - and lack an optical drive.

Check out some of the more highly anticipated features of the MacBook Pro 2012:


Following the successful introduction of the high-resolution Retina Display for the new iPad, Apple is expected to do something similar, if not actually the same thing, for the MacBook Pro. The new laptop could come with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels and the Ivy Bridge processor could offer 70 percent better image quality, compared to the Sandy Bridge chips.


According to 9To5Mac, Intel's Vice President and General Manager of the PC Client Group, Kirk Skaugen, revealed that his company's forthcoming processors were built keeping Retina Display in mind. This was seemingly confirmed, when Apple announced it would use Intel processors for forthcoming Macs.

In addition to the Retina Display, the Intel chip is also expected to support DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL 1.1. The new processor is believed to emphasise graphics and multimedia processing and includes 16 Execution Units and tri-gate transistors which will maximise power usage and performance.

Sound System:

According to Patently Apple, the tech giant appears to be working on a surround sound system for MacBook-like devices. This new technology could make its way into the soon-to-be-launched MacBook Pro. The system will contain an audio transducer, including a magnetic coil, and a magnet in communication with the coil. It provides a near full range response frequency also resulting in both low and mid-range frequencies. Moreover, it could be a gel speaker, surface transducer or any other device which will produce sound by vibrating a surface.


According to rumours, the new MacBook Pro could feature Siri voice control. Siri made its debut on the recently launched iPhone 4S and was a very popular feature. So much so that according to Patently Apple, Apple is looking to bring the voice-activated personal assistant to a host of other iDevices.

Release Date:

Although, the company has not made any official declaration about release dates of the new MacBook Pro series, several rumours suggest the product will be launched in May. According to The Christian Post, the new MacBook Pro is currently being produced at Foxconn and Quanta factories and shipping will begin in June.