The date has been set and the tech industry is ready to hear what major reveals Apple has in store for its "Time Flies" event this week. As the name already hints, the Apple Watch Series 6 is slated to debut. Meanwhile, sources claim the company will likely unveil new iPad models as well, but the iPhone 12 will likely be held back until next month. WatchOS 7 is likewise expected to be a major topic during the online-only show as it introduces new features.

Apple's wearable device has withstood the test of time as it remains the top-selling smartwatch to date. Despite its popularity, there are some flaws and missing functionalities that many hope the company will address. The latest model is rumoured to ship with blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, and more fitness/health-related enhancements. Over the years, it has been lauded for reportedly saving the lives of several users. However, experts believe there is room for improvement regarding its integration with Siri.

Artificial intelligence has vastly improved over time, as machine learning algorithms continue to evolve. In fact, Apple's rivals – Google and Amazon – have upgraded their respective platforms in an effort to change the user experience. Tech pundits are calling it ambient computing and voice assistants play a pivotal role in its implementation. According to The Verge, the Apple Watch should be the company's "primary device" that could revolutionise human-computer interactions.

It was also pointed out that unlike Google Assistant or Alexa, Siri is still missing some key elements that would make it even more versatile than its rivals. That responsibility apparently belongs to Apple's senior vice president of Machine Learning and AI Strategy, John Giannandrea. Formerly associated with Google, he joined the Cupertino, California-based tech group in 2018.

Apple Watch Series 5
The fifth-generation Apple Watch has new features including ambient noise monitoring and a "compass" to keep users properly oriented AFP / Josh Edelson

Giannandrea is credited for the outstanding performance of the Apple Pencil when it comes to handwriting recognition and latency. As such, his team can potentially fix some of the flaws that hold back Siri. Perhaps, the upcoming hardware announcement will showcase some tweaks the software engineers have worked on. Aside from the Apple Watch Series 6, a low-cost version of the wearable will supposedly make an appearance as well.