Apple unveiled its latest smartwatches including the Watch 8, Watch SE 2, and the Watch Ultra at its September 7 event. Notably, the new smart wearables have top-notch internals. For instance, they pack the latest Apple S8 SoC under the hood.

However, a newer chipset doesn't necessarily guarantee significant advancements. Notably, the Apple S6, Apple S7, and the latest Apple S8 do not have any CPU or GPU improvements. Both new Apple Watch models reportedly use the same basic SoC as the previous models.

Interestingly, Apple refrained from divulging many details about its S8 chip during the Far Out event. Nevertheless, the American tech giant revealed that the Watch 8 and Watch Ultra use a 64-bit dual-core processor. Also, it confirmed that the processor delivers 1.8 GHz CPU clock speeds.

Both models ship with 1GB of RAM and offer a hearty 32GB of internal storage as well. However, hawk-eyed Twitter user Siguza discovered that the new Apple smartwatches feature the CPID 'T8301.' To recap, this identifier was also spotted in the Watch 7 and Watch 6 smartwatches.

In other words, the Apple Watch 8, Watch SE 2, and the rugged Watch Ultra pack the same chips that powered up their predecessors. A report by MacRumors suggests this is probably why Apple compared the new S8 with the older S5 rather than the more recent S6 and S7 chipsets.

To make things worse, Apple did not ditch the older W3 wireless chip. As a result, the smartwatches can only support WiFi 4 connectivity. The Watch Ultra, on the other hand, comes with Bluetooth 5.3. However, Apple did not extend this connectivity upgrade to the Watch 8 for some reason.

Meanwhile, Apple's competitors have progressed to using Snapdragon W5 Gen Plus 1 and W5 Gen 1 platforms. So, it is safe to say that Apple is actually falling behind its rivals. However, Samsung and Google may still be following in the footsteps of the Cupertino-based tech giant.

For instance, Samsung's new Galaxy Watch5 series uses the same chip that powered its predecessors. Likewise, Google's Pixel Watch is tipped to feature an Exynos 9110-based SoC. For those unaware, the Exynos 9110 was launched back in 2018,

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