Apple iPhone 4S (White)
Will HTC One S Outshine Apple’s iPhone 4S? Apple

According to various sources, Apple Store Genius Bars have been notified by the company that inventory stocks for the white iPhone 4 (16GB) models are dwindling and hence the stores falling short on these stocks should upgrade customers seeking a replacement phone to an iPhone 4S.

In a 9To5Mac report, the replacement units of the iPhone 4S will also be of 16GB capacity. Apparently, this works out cheaper for Apple than if it were to replace the faulty phones with new iPhone 4 models.

Those lucky customers who do benefit from this free upgrade can look forward to Siri (the popular voice-activated personal assistant), the A5 chip and an eight megapixel camera.

However, just in case users all around the world get excited, we should note the inventory shortage, so far, has been reported only from Apple stores in the US and Canada.

Given the company is in the habit of unleashing a new smartphone annually, it becomes an expensive investment to own every latest model from the Cupertino tech giant. Besides, most customers are tied down by the 18-24 months contract period with their service provider. As a result, those customers would normally skip the idea of upgrading to an iPhone 4S. However, this recent unexpected turn of events could give them a golden opportunity of getting a free upgrade with the courtesy of Apple.

The Genius Bar is known to be an integral part of the unique shopping experience for Apple customers, as they get undivided attention from well-qualified staff members, according to RedmondPie. Rumours are rife that the Geniuses will be issued iPads rather than MacBook Pros to make them more productive, helpful and less pre-occupied.

Besides, Geniuses can roam around the Store, and at the same time free up space over at the Bar for those with major repair issues as opposed to those with minor software issues such as restore via iTunes. In addition to the ease-of-communication, the iPad would also allow customers to sign signatures on iPads instead of printed paper.

Though, the system is yet to take off into effect, it definitely sounds like a good idea for the future.

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