Apple's App Store, which made its debut on 10 July 2008, turned six years old yesterday. The store was open to iPhone users a day after the release of iOS 2.0. Now, developers have discounted many of their apps to celebrate the sixth anniversary.

IBTimes UK has rounded up of some of the best deals that are currently available to users. It is recommended that iOS device owners consider shopping for these apps since they are being sold on discount for a limited period of time. Below are some of the best deals currently available.

Blek for $0.99 (Original Price $2.99)

Drafts for iPad $2.99 (Original Price $4.99)

Tengami $1.99 (Original Price $4.99)

Threes $0.99 (Original Price $1.99)

The Room 2 $0.99 (Original Price $1.99)

Eliss Infinity $0.99 (Original Price $2.99)

Lost Toys $1.99 (Original Price $3.99)

Monument Valley $1.99 (Original Price $3.99)

Rise of Zombie Apps on the App Store

In other news related to the iOS App store, a new report from Mashable says that nearly 80% of the 1.2 million apps currently available are "Zombie Apps". The apps have just been sitting in the App Store with hardly any downloads at all. The report cites data from a mobile analytics company.

The data says that in June, "953,387 apps out of the 1,197,087 available ones (or 80%) were zombie apps, up from 75% in December 2013 and 70% in June 2013." A low number of downloads for a majority of apps is because app discovery is still a major issue for developers.

Owing to the fact that over 60,000 new apps are added to the App Store every month, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for apps to gain visbility and stand out amongst competitors.