Apple iOS 8 and iWatch Details Surface, Focus on Health and Fitness Monitoring

Apple's latest patent application indicates that the Cupertino based company has plans to deliver content and advertisements based on the user's current mood.

The patent is titled "Inferring user mood based on user and group characteristic data" and it has its focus on a mood scanner that will understand a user's emotion and respond in accordance.

"A way of improving targeted content delivery can be to infer a user's current mood and then deliver content that is selected, at least in part, based on the inferred mood," said Apple's patent application.

"The present technology analyses mood-associated characteristic data collected over a period of time to produce at least one baseline mood profile for a user. The user's current mood can then be inferred by applying one or more mood rules to compare current mood-associated data to at least one baseline mood profile for the user."

"Because the accuracy level of a baseline mood profile can change over time and/or based on the information known about the user, a baseline mood profile can have an associated confidence score," the patent continued.

"The associated confidence score can represent the accuracy of the baseline mood profile. Furthermore, the associated mood profile can be used in the generation of the inferred mood and/or in calculating a confidence score for the inferred mood."


The system will track every action on the user's phone and then use its technology to gain an understanding of what kind of emotions the user is experiencing. Based on your emotions, the system will then deliver content.

Since the patent was filed only recently, fans shouldn't' expect to see the technology in phones for a long time.