If you think that Apple's voice assistant Siri could help you only with sending messages, making calls or just checking out the calendar, then think again. It could do more than that, even save your life, at least three fishermen from Florida claim so.

Siri saved the fishermen from drowning in the sea. On Saturday (29 April) morning the fishermen sailed into rough seas, about four miles off the coast of Key Biscayne. The waves were so high that their 18ft boat began to take on water.

The fishermen somehow managed to put on their life jackets before the boat sank.

Even though one of the fishermen had a phone, he could not use it to call 911. He turned on Siri for help.
"They had an iPhone 7, which I'm learning today is waterproof. However, he couldn't touch the screen with his fingers because they were cold, but he used Siri to call 911," Sgt James Barrett told Fox4.

Eventually, a coast guard chopper found the fishermen, and a diver was with them until the Miami-Dade Police arrived to rescue them.

There have been several instances of Siri turning a saviour. In March, the London Metropolitan police released a clip of a 999 call from a four-year-old boy who saved his mother's life.
The boy used his mother's iPhone to get in touch with the police. The boy managed to unlock the iPhone by pressing his mother's thumb and then used Siri asking for help to dial 999, and to put him through emergency service.