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"Ark 2" is one of the most anticipated releases this year for fans of action-adventure survival games. Interest in the "Ark Survival Evolved" has been on the rise since developer Studio Wildcard released a series of trailers that showed Hollywood action star Vin Diesel.

ARK 2 release date

Studio Wildcard has not yet officially announced a specific "Ark 2" release date. However, the studio already confirmed that it would launch sometime in 2023, which is a bit vague but at least fans have a release window to look forward to.

The "Ark Survival Evolved" sequel was originally slated for a 2022 release. However, production was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the launch window was moved back by a year.

'Ark 2' platforms

Ark will be released for PC, and there's already a Steam page for it though pre-orders are not yet open. Considering that the original "Ark Survival Evolved" is available on the Epic Games Store, it won't be surprising that "Ark 2" might be released for the platform as well. Still, no confirmation about that option has been made so far, according to

"Ark 2" is a "console launch exclusive" for the Xbox Series X, which means that it will only be available to the current-gen Microsoft console at launch. However, the wording also seems to suggest that the game might be coming to other consoles as well once this exclusivity period expires.

This leads to the question PlayStation gamers have been asking – is "Ark 2" coming to the PS5 console after the exclusivity period with Microsoft ends? At this point, there is no confirmation from Studio Wildcard, but it is certainly a possibility, considering that the first Ark game became a hit on the PS4 console.

'Ark 2' story, characters

While "Ark 2" will definitely have an "epic story," details are still a bit scarce for now. Hollywood actor Vin Diesel will be portraying Santiago, the main protagonist.

Santiago is actually just a clone of Santiago da Costa, a character familiar to seasons Ark players as he is also in the first game, "Ark Survival Evolved." The game's trailers also revealed that Santiago has a daughter Meeka, voiced by Moana's Auli'i Cravalho, so fans can expect another dad-and-kid adventure epic with a big-name cast.