Arrow season 3
What's next on Arrow season 3? TheCW

Arrow season 3 will not have a cliffhanger ending, confirms the show's executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

Earlier rumours about the show's season 3 finale hinted that it might end in a cliffhanger with the storyline spilling on to season 4. But Guggenheim recently revealed that season 3 will have a "definitive" ending. (via Hypable)

"The season 3 finale of Arrow is very definitive. It really feels like the end, not just of season 3, but of the first three seasons," Guggenheim says.

The showrunner also revealed that the finale episode has been extended by 2 minutes and 33 seconds. So, fans can look forward to an extra edge.

Talking about Oliver/Arrow/Al Sah-Him's identity crisis, Guggenheim said, "We've always said the season is about identity, and Oliver trying to decide between being the Arrow and being Oliver Queen. That's obviously very present, as the title [My Name is Oliver Queen] suggests, in the finale."

"Oliver's arc over the course of the last episodes of the season relates to this question of 'am I Oliver, or am I the Arrow?' [It's] very focused on that threesome [of Oliver, Diggle and Felicity]," he added.

Arrow season 3 finale airs this Wednesday, 13 May on The CW.