Arrow season 3
What's next on Arrow season 3? TheCW

Arrow season 3, episode 20 titled The Fallen, airs this Wednesday, 22 April and the much talked about Lazarus Pit will finally feature in all its glory.

Oliver will use the Pit to try and save Thea (who was stabbed by Ra's al Ghul in the previous episode). But Thea's resurrection will bring its own set of problems for Team Arrow.

"Everything in the show has consequences, and that's something we've been consistent about," executive producer Marc Guggenheim told The Hollywood Reporter.

The producer also teased that events of the final episodes will spill into season 4. "It's something you will continue to see not just through the end of season three, but into season four," Guggenheim says of the upcoming episodes' big moves.

This could mean that season 3 might have a cliffhanger ending. With fans not knowing what to expect, actor Stephen Amell decided to further intensify the mystery.

During a recent interaction on Twitter with a fan, he responded to a query on his favourite part in season 3:

"Evil Oliver. Coming soon," he tweeted in response.

Last week, Amell had tweeted stating that his character will be in combat mode for the finale episode.

"It's our last day of Season 3. Like the last day of Season 1 and Season 2... I'm going out fighting," Amell tweeted.

While images of Oliver in League of Assassins garb have already, sort of, confirmed that he will be taking up Ra's offer, it's difficult to imagine Arrow taking the title seriously and actually going over to the dark side. And with the episode's synopsis teasing a 'rigorous transformation' for Oliver, it's not unwarranted to assume that the hero might end up being the villain towards the end of the season.