Arrow Season 3
Oliver and Felicity in Arrow Arrow/Facebook

Arrow Season 3 is grabbing all the attention before its October premiere and fans of the superhero series want to know more about their favourite couple Oliver and Felicity.

Stephen Amell, who plays the protagonist Oliver in the superhero series Arrow, revealed some spoilers about the future of the Olicity romance that might delight fans.

"Oliver has one woman this year. That woman is Felicity. There's some of the stuff we do in premiere, regardless of if that means Felicity and I are going to be together, if I meant what I said in the finale...I think that the cavalcade of women is going to slow down. Or stop," Amell said during the San Diego Comic Con festival.

Earlier there were rumours that Felicity may get trapped in a love triangle between Oliver (Arrow) and Barry Allen (the Flash).

In a recent interview with TV Guide, show producer Greg Berlanti hinted at a possible hook up between Barry and Felicity but fans are still wondering about their cross-show romance.

Berlanti also hinted that both Oliver and Felicity will deal with their feelings directly, which means fans can expect some burning passion between the couple.

The creative team of CW network's super hit series is also planning to introduce Arrow's mystery baby in the upcoming season.

Fans are well aware about Oliver's character and how he slept with almost every woman he met during the last two seasons.

During the end of Arrow Season 2, it was revealed that Oliver had fathered a child after he got a girl pregnant unknowingly. But his mother Moira Queen kept this news a secret from him, and sent the child away from Oliver.

During the Comic Con interview, Amell also teased about uniting with his long-lost child.

"When you see it revisited, if you see it revisited, this season or next, just remember that they way that they are going to re-introduce it was my idea," Amell said.

"I was literally sitting in the writing room and was like, 'guys, you know what would be cool?'....two weeks later, Marc Guggenheim comes up to me and was like 'we have the best idea for the Oliver-child storyline.' And he pitched my idea back to me."

Arrow Season 3 will premiere on 8 October, 2014 on CW networks.