After Oliver, his sister Thea Queen came under the receiving end of Ra's al Ghul's blade when he stabbed her in last week's episode 19 titled Broken Arrow.

Now, the next episode titled; The Fallen, will finally feature the mystical powers of the much talked about Lazarus Pit which will be used to resurrect Thea.

Arrow season 3
Will Lazarus Pit revive Thea Queen? TheCW/Arrow

Trailer for The Fallen (below) shows Team Arrow taking Thea's body to the Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat where Oliver intends to bring her back to life. The video shows Thea's body descending into the waters of the Pit and cuts after she suddenly bursts back into life.

According to the DC Comics folklore, the Lazarus Pit has the ability to bring people back from the dead but it affects them psychologically. And the same fate is being speculated of Thea Queen's resurrection. Will she return as an evil version of herself? And if so, what repercussions will that have on Team Arrow?

Also, it looks like reviving Thea will be the bargaining key to force Oliver to become the leader of the League of Assassins. And since we've already seen Oliver in League of Assassins garb, we can assume that Thea is not dead, yet.

Meanwhile, Arrow season 3 might end with Arrow presumed dead. "His relationship with the police and the city has been torn down, his base of operations is exposed and ravaged, his weaponry and costume(s) are now in police custody. Above all, though, 99% of the citizens of Starling believe him to be dead, murdered in a prison riot. There's no coming back for the Arrow after this," states a Moviepilot report.