Ash vs Evil Dead
Ash gets gagged in episode 5 and Pablo forced to make a brave decision Starz

Ash vs Evil Dead will soon return with another thrilling episode for fans. They can expect more revelations about the Necronomicon and Kelly's current situation as she is possessed by the demon Eligos.

The official synopsis of episode 5 titled The Host reads: "Kelly's current state puts others in jeopardy. This forces Pablo to make a brave move and Ash to reveal a new side to his character. Ruby and Fisher join forces in pursuit of Ash."

Click here to watch the second episode live on Starz's official website in the US. The series begins 30 years after the 1992 blockbuster Army Of Darkness, the third movie in the Evil Dead series.

In the previous episode, Ruby saves Amanda from Evil Lionel and reveals that she is in town with a secret mission to avenge the death of her father Professor Knowby, mother and sister. She thinks that Ash is responsible for their deaths. Thirty years ago, Ash recited some of the phrases of the demonic book causing the deadites to enter the world and wreck havoc on humans.

In a shocking revelation, she shows the severed hand of Ash that she has kept locked in a wooden chest all these years. She also tells Amanda that the wriggling hand will play an important role in taking revenge on the aging Lothario.

In the fourth episode Brujo, the chainsaw-wielding monster hunter time travels into another dimension, to a psychedelic life in his imaginary village Jacksonville. Meanwhile, Kelly's brain is captured by Eligos. But before the possessed Kelly can attack Pablo, who is busy creating a mechanical hand, Ash hallucinates about fighting with the demon. Pablo knocks out Ash and the Lothario realises that he is actually strangulating Kelly.

Ash vs Evil Dead
A possessed Kelly trying to kill Ash Starz

In the upcoming episode, Kelly creates more trouble for her friends while Ash learns that burying the Necronomicon book at the right place is the only solution to reverse the damage caused by the deadites.

Meanwhile, executive producer Craig DiGregorio has hinted that the book will be the centre of the first season as well as the second season of the horror comedy drama.

"The first season wraps up everything and it also wraps up nothing. Or rather, it does wrap up something, but it also leaves something else much more open-ended. It's hard to comment on that—it's Evil Dead, so you're never going to be done with the book, necessarily. But I guess if I were to think of it a certain way, it's all about this character, Ash, and does he ever truly learn? Can he get out of his own way? That's the question that we're talking about more than anything else," he told iO9.