Ash vs Evil Dead
Bruce Campbell will reprise his iconic role as the chainsaw-handed Ash in the upcoming horror series Starz

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's gory horror drama will soon come to haunt fans of the Evil Dead series. In Ash vs Evil Dead, Ashley Williams, the one-handed ageing Lothario, will be forced to put on the chainsaw as the Deadites are back to create havoc in his life.

Starz has released the synopses of episodes one to nine which provide an in-depth look at Ash's blood-filled adventure as he embarks on a journey to decode the Necronomicon (the book of the dead) in order to end the horror plague. This time, Ash will fight the gory ghosts along with Pablo, his loyal sidekick and Ruby, a woman with a secret mission of her own.

According to the synopses, unlike the cult horror movies, the TV series will have loads of nail-biting moments as Ash's drug-induced vision allows him to know more about the Necronomicon. The highly anticipated horror comedy begins 30 years after the 1992 blockbuster Army Of Darkness, the third movie in the Evil Dead series.

The Starz horror show will feature gory battles between humans and demons after the Deadite plague threatens the existence of humanity. Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere on 31 October 2015 on Starz.