Paul Watson
An Australian-Syrian national has been arrested in Dam Wal Farz district on terrorism charges Reuters

An Australian man was arrested in Tripoli on charges of terrorism on Sunday (1 May), according to Lebanese media reports. The man identified as Mark Eddie Maximus by Voice of Lebanon Radio, was arrested in the Dam Wal Farz district, in the north of the country which is a hotbed of extremism. He was detained by army intelligence officers. He is believed to be an Australian-Syrian national and was detained when a vehicle he was travelling in was tracked by Lebanese intelligence, the Sydney Morning herald reported.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man was in the city to plan a terrorist attack. The police tracked his car and arrested him after an exchange of gunfire, according to ABC.

A woman also suspected of terror links is believed to be at large, according to Lebanese media.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said they were trying to confirm the reports of the detention of the Australian. He added: "Northern Lebanon, and Lebanon's border areas with Syria, are listed as 'do not travel' destinations in Australia's travel advice."