Australian retail brand ModiBodi has just released a new video advertisement on Wednesday for its signature leak-proof underwear featuring shots of menstruation-stained linen. The label has rallied behind normalising the stigma surrounding women's menstruation cycles and they are hoping their latest campaign "The New Way To Period" will help promote their mission.

Being the country's top selling leak-proof underwear brand, the company has since aimed to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly options for women to explore. The company has been gunning for a change in attitude towards a normal and healthy part of every woman's life as it pushes its efforts to "replace fear and shame with understanding." Breaking down such stigma and taboos on menstrual cycles can help women understand and accept their bodies with positivity.

The one- minute advert was shot and directed by award-winning Sydney director Dani Pearce with its script showcasing the journey of a diverse set of women who tell their own personal nuances and stories in their enlightened path to a new way to period.

In the video, it shows a real blood stained bed sheet hanging from a washer as the narrator speaks:
"When it comes to our period, we've always been made to feel a certain way. We've been made to feel gross."

Another frame shot focuses on a trash bin overflowing with blood stained tissues as well as a woman washing her pair of ModiBodi underwear in the shower.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the company's research revealed how almost one in three young girls fear talking about their periods. ModiBodi's campaign aims to change this as it tries to champion raw confidence in young girls as they celebrate individual freedom through diversity and stepping towards a sustainable future.

Modibodi CEO and Founder Kristy Chong said:

"Advertising for personal hygiene products has come a long way in the seven years since we started Modibodi; but many brands still feel the need to hide or gloss over the very natural process of having your period."

She explained their new campaign shows the real side of menstruation to remind women that it is natural to feel the way they do during their periods. Their leak-proof underwear is testament to this mission as it lets them explore better options to deal with this monthly occurrence other than disposable pads, tampons and liners that have proven to be eco-damaging.

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