The Picture
The Picture magazine ran an article offensive to the Sikh community (Bauer Media/Facebook)

Bauer Media in Australia has apologised to the Sikh community over an offensive article it ran in its porn magazine The Picture.

The company made an out of court settlement with United Sikhs after the group brought legal action over an article entitled Turban Legend.

Bauer Media said it was sorry if members of the Sikh community in Australia were offended and that the magazine did not intend to upset anyone.

Of particular offence was the inclusion of a photo of a Nihang Sikh - Nihang is a greatly respected Sikh order famed for its military victories.

The magazine showed a photo of a praying Nihang Sikh in a Golden temple surrounded by pictures of naked women.

Sukhwant Singh, director of national legal affairs at United Sikhs Australia, negotiated the agreement which was mediated by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

"We filed a complaint with the AHRC after we were notified by a Sikh from Queensland about this offensive article titled 'Turban Legend' that was published in the 30th January 2013 issue of Bauer Media's magazine, The Picture," he said.

Nihang Sikhs (Reuters)
Nihang Sikhs (Reuters)

"Sikhs had found the article racially offensive as it showed a photograph of a Nihang Sikh amongst objectionable photographs in the porn magazine."

"The entire magazine displays raunchy nudity and is replete with foul, irreverent and inappropriate language and the tone ridicules the dumalla (turban) and Nihang Sikhs," a statement from United Sikhs said.

The Picture says it is "the average Aussie bloke's first stop for funny local stories, jokes, stunning nude girls, bizarre photos, puzzles with swear words in them and advice columns written by strippers.

"A weekly magazine squarely aimed at anyone who has a sense of humour and likes looking at women without their clothes on."

Harjit Singh, national director of United Sikhs Australia, said: "This case exemplifies how the Sikh community can work, within the laws of Australia, with the media to protect the interests of Sikhs.

"United Sikhs thanks the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Bauer Media Group for their cooperation and assistance in respecting the concerns of the Sikh community."