An Austrian doctor does not seem to be taking his Hippocratic Oath too seriously — especially the part about treating the sick without prejudice. Dr Thomas Unden, a Floridsdorf-based GP announced on his Facebook page that he would not treat asylum seekers, also posting a sign outside his office to this effect.

Following a report on the doctor, the Vienna Chamber of Physicians has decided to conduct an investigation.

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Ich habe heute in aller Deutlichkeit klargemacht, dass ich in meiner Kassrnordination keine Asylanten behandle. Dazu...

Posted by Thomas Unden on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Unden, who had previously used his social media account to voice strong opinions and make inflammatory comments, told Austrian radio he would not treat "people whose name and origins I don't know" but would continue treating his long-term patients.

He went on to tell Kurier newspaper that along with refugees, he refuses to treat politicians from the "Social Democrats, Greens or Conservative People's Party".

Following the investigation, Unden might be fined or even have his medical licence suspended.

With millions of people fleeing their conflict-ridden countries and entering Europe, there has been a more urgent requirement for medical professionals. Médecins Sans Frontières has been working to assist the new immigrants and has spent €31.5m (£24m, $34.3m) on the efforts.

However, more and more doctors are reluctant to make calls at refugee camps for fear of being attacked. In October, doctors refused to make visits to the refugee camp in Calden, Germany, without a security escort following riots.