The world's well preserved baby mammoth body goes for display in Hong Kong from Thursday.

Lyuba, a female baby mammoth was discovered in Siberian mountains by a reindeer herder and hunter ,Yuri Khudi in May 2007. Now her carcass will travel in sub-zero temperatures and it will arrive at an IFC Mall in Hong Kong from Thursday.

Researchers claimed that Lyuba was could have drowned 40,000 years ago when she was just a month old. Lyuba is around 50 kg (110 lb) in weight, was 85 centimeters (33.5 in.) in height and measured 130 centimeters (51 in.) from trunk to tail, roughly the same size as a large dog.

Lyuba could have died from suffocation, they believe that when her herd was crossing the river she would have probably got stuck in the deep mud in the river bed, they also claim that while she was struggling in the river bed she would have inhale mud in river bed and later she died of suffocation.

The researchers claim that clay like substance- which was also one of the reasons behind her death- has also "pickled" her, preserving the mammoth in a nearly pristine state.

Researchers while analyzing her body found that her skin and organs are intact and they were to identify milk from her mother in her stomach, and fecal matter in her intestine.

Researchers also found that mammoth specimens, which are less well-preserved than Lyuba, appeared to be starving, Lyuba appears quite healthy. Lyuba's organs and skin are in perfect condition.

"She was doing great, very healthy. She just had this terrible misfortune," Daily Mail quoted Dan Fisher, palaeontologist at the University of Michigan, as saying.

Researchers believe that by examining Lyuba body they can gain more insight about the ice age period, they could also get more clues about Ice age Mammals extinction.

Recently, researchers had discovered another baby woolly mammoth in Siberia. The baby mammoth named Yuka was discovered during an expedition. Researchers found that Yuka was killed by tigers and ancient humans; they found several scars that clearly indicated that it must be cut open by ancient humans.

Take a look at the photos of Lyuba and Yuka :