Baby P's mother will spend at least another two years behind bars after the Parole Board said she remained a danger to the public.

Tracey Connelly, 35, was jailed in 2009 for allowing her partner and his brother to torture her 17-month-old son Peter to death in Haringey, North London, two years earlier.

The case, which shocked and horrified the country, exposed serious failings by the authorities, who had missed evidence that the toddler was being abused.

Connelly was released on licence in 2013 but was sent back to prison 18 months later after breaching terms of her parole when she was accused of selling pornographic images of herself to fans.

The latest rejection, following a parole hearing in October, has thwarted any attempts by Connelly to be home in time for Christmas.

A spokesman for the Parole Board said: "We can confirm that a panel of the Parole Board has not directed the release of Tracey Connelly.

"Under current legislation Ms Connelly will be eligible for a further review within two years. The date of the next review will be set by the Ministry of Justice."

Connelly is being held in HMP Low Newton, Co Durham.

Her son died after suffering more than 50 injuries over eight months at the hands of her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen.

The youngster was found dead in his cot at his mother's flat after 60 visits from social workers and police.

Barker was given a 12-year sentence for his "major role" in Peter's death. Owen was jailed indefinitely with a minimum three-year term, which was later changed on appeal to a fixed six-year term.

Connelly was jailed for a minimum of five years in 2009 after admitting causing or allowing her son's death, but in 2013 the Parole Board recommended her release on licence.

She returned to prison in 2015 after breaching her parole conditions when she allegedly tried to sell naked photos of herself to male fans.

When deciding whether to release a prisoner, the Parole Board considers the crime for which they have been convicted, their history, their behaviour in prison and reports from relevant professionals.

Connelly's boyfriend Steven Barker (L) and his brother Jason Owen
Connelly's boyfriend Steven Barker (L) and his brother Jason Owen