Babysitter hitting toddler
Babysitter caught on camera hitting toddler YouTube/ screengrab

A shocking video has emerged online in China which shows a babysitter repeatedly punching and hitting a toddler moments after the child's mother handed him over to her.

The incident reportedly happened in Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province in Central China. The clip (Graphic content, viewers discretion is advised) taken from a security camera of a building's lift shows the 42-year-old nanny picking up the young one from his mother, while the baby appears unwilling to leave.

The disturbing attack begins soon after the mother waves goodbye and the lift's door closes. In the video, when the child starts crying, instead of trying to calm him down, the babysitter, identified only by her surname 'Li', begins to beat the child. She then hit him in the midriff and back at least six times.

But as the toddler continues to cry, the nanny further loses her cool and puts the boy in a pushchair and strikes him on his head before the lift doors open, The Sun reported.

The incident was reported to police on 5 December after the building's security guard showed the footage to the unsuspected parents of the child. Local media reports stated that the nanny was arrested later on the same day on abuse charges and an investigation is underway.

Authorities are also reportedly questioning the agency that helped the toddler's family to hire the babysitter. According to the company, the woman has a "good reputation" and earns some 7,000 RMB (£789, $1053) a month.

It is not immediately clear whether the child suffered any physical injury or had any marks as the result of the abuse.