Peter Weber's "The Bachelor" season 24 is next up with hometown dates in week 8 of the show airing Monday. The leading man will be taking a trip with Hannah Ann Sluss, Kelsey Weier, Madison Prewett, and Victoria Fuller to their respective hometowns to meet their family and significant others. At the end of the week, the competition will narrow down to three finalists. So, who these final three ladies will be? Here is everything you need to know about week 8 of "The Bachelor" season 24.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "The Bachelor" season 24 week 8, hometown dates. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

As per the episode summary on ABC's official website, things are about to get ballistic in "The Bachelor" nation and a surprise bombshell leaves Peter's relationship with one caring bachelorette in a difficult place.

For his first hometown date, Peter visits Hannah Ann's town Knoxville where he meets her overprotective father. He is challenged to impress him and must be careful to use the "L" word when it comes to his daughter.

On his hometown date with Kelsey, they spend time in Des Moines where they visit a winery. As they enjoy exotic wines, Kelsey takes the opportunity to open up to Peter about her true feelings.

Madison takes the bachelor to Auburn University where she surprises the sports lover with some sporty stuff. He is greeted by Madison's father who is a basketball coach in the university and gets an opportunity to meet surprise guest Bruce Pearl, head coach of the Auburn Tigers. While everything appears to be perfect between the couple, Madison's family is quick to note of a few differences between the two.

For his final hometown date, Peter meets Victoria Fuller at Virginia Beach where she surprises him with a special private concert by country singer Hunter Hayes. As Peter curiously waits to meet Victoria's family, an unexpected guest arrives and drops a bombshell that threatens the future of their relationship.

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The synopsis describes "The Bachelor" season 24 week 8 rose ceremony to be the most "gripping" one as the bachelor questions his final choices. According to Reality Steve, Kelsey leaves the bachelor pad at the end of the hometowns and the final three contestants are Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann, and Madison. The three finalists will be heading to the overnight dates.

"The Bachelor" season 24 airs Mondays on ABC.