Newly-engaged Bachelorette stars JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers were spotted kissing on a beach in Malibu, Calfornia on Sunday (7 August). During the pair's first romantic getaway, Fletcher was seen flaunting her huge engagement ring, while packing on the PDA with the former NFL quarterback.

The couple were seen kissing as they played with a football outside a property on the beach. The property was provided to the couple by TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals and the duo took to social media to thank the company.

"First week of freedom together and we were able to wake up to this every morning :) Thank you @Tripadvisor Vacation Rentals & @luxuryretreats for the unbelievable engagement gift!" Fletcher wrote on Instagram.

"Little much needed R&R to celebrate our engagement! Thanks @tripadvisor Vacation Rentals & @luxuryretreats for gifting this amazing pad...forgot to mention we are NEVER leaving!" Rodgers wrote on the social media platform.

Later, the two were spotted shopping at Ali & Jay store at the Malibu Lumber Yard. Rodgers was picking out dresses for his fiancée. "[Rodgers said] you have this one already!" People magazine quoted a source as saying. "They were making out and laughing while shopping," the source added.

Meanwhile, TV network ESPN has come out and said that Rodgers's Bachelorette fame had nothing to do with him getting hired for their SEC Network.

"Our talent office had Jordan on their radar for some time. His name was in the initial group of names that we discussed when looking at people to bring to Charlotte (the SEC Network home) for auditions. He played at Vanderbilt. He played quarterback. We had seen some interviews that he had done. So we reached out to him. At the time, he was unavailable due to filming. I'm not even sure that we knew what show he was doing. When he became available, he came to Charlotte," ESPN senior vice-president Stephanie Druley told

"We waited until the show was a few weeks into its run before we made an offer. He accepted the offer the day I was in an airport and saw US Weekly with him splashed across the cover. Thankfully, the article didn't live up to the headline nor did a lot of other ones I read, and I'm certain that I read about 90% of what was written because I was vested in what it'd mean for the work he'd do with us. But the fact that my group had spent time with Jordan made us confident in the decision," he added.