The Bandidos gang have members in 22 countries across the world. One of three men accused of a triple-murder is from the Danish branch of the gang Getty

Three men accused of a suspected gangland triple murder in Copenhagen have been remanded in custody as the case which has gripped Denmark got under way in court on Thursday (9 March).

Philip Rasmussen, 19, Suhaib Jaffar, 23, and Mike Patrick Winther, 24, members of a biker gang called the Vanløse Group, were found lying dead on beds and mattresses after six shots were fired in the early hours of 11 November 2015.

Police say that the men's killers "liquidated" the victims using a revolver and a shotgun after they climbed scaffolding to get into their apartment. There were no signs of a struggle, the news agency Ritzau reported.

One of three men accused of the murders is a member of the rival Bandidos biker group. Defence lawyer Berit Ernst said: "He denies the charges, and we are looking forward to presenting our side of the case."

A fourth man who was accused of taking part in the killings committed suicide in custody in June 2016. The other two accused men also deny the charges. There are expected to be up to 20 court hearings before a judgement, scheduled for May, the Local reported.