A group of mourners gathered at Ratchaprasong intersection on 18 August to pay tribute to those who died during a blast in Bangkok. Students, relatives and others lit candles and brought flowers in memory of 22 people killed in the attack the day before.

Thai authorities said they were looking for a suspect seen on CCTV footage near the famous Erawan Shrine where the blast took place. Tanakit Sinsuwong, 24, who lost his grandmother in the blast, said he was concerned that foreigners would stop visiting his country. Nearly half of those killed in the blast were foreigners. "They should not do this to our country. People who are innocent should not be victims. Nobody would want to come to Thailand." he said.

Some have called for love and care during this difficult time. "Please don't create hate in the society now, like what this group of people are trying to create. I want this time to be a time to show love and care to each other." said Bangkok resident Kanya Adisornpakul.

The government said the attack during the evening rush hour in the capital's bustling commercial hub was aimed at destroying the economy. No one has claimed responsibility. Amid jangling nerves in the city on 18 August, a small explosive was thrown from a bridge towards a river pier, sending a plume of water into the air, but no one was injured.

The suspect seen on CCTV was wearing a yellow shirt and with shaggy, dark hair, the young man then stands up and walks out holding a blue plastic bag and what appears to be a mobile phone. The backpack was left by the fence as tourists milled about.