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The 44th President will sit on a jury in his home city of Chicago

Former US president Barack Obama has been summoned for jury duty in his home city of Chicago.

The 44th US president, who was a senior lecturer at the Chicago Law School prior to his election, is due to be called up for jury duty in November.

Cook County chief judge Tim Evans announced Mr Obama's selection to county commissioners during a budget hearing on Friday (27 October.)

The 56-year-old could be called to sit in on either criminal cases or civil hearings in any of the county's Chicago or suburban courthouses.

According to Sky News, Judge Tim Evans said that security will be tight as Mr Obama takes his place on the jury. adding that the former President's safety will be "uppermost in our minds" during the process.

Mr Obama is certainly well qualified for the role. The 44th president trained as a lawyer at the Harvard Law School and later practised in Chicago as a civil rights lawyer.

He went on to become a lecturer and professor at the Chicago Law School for 12 years before becoming president.

And like all his fellow jurors Mr Obama will be paid $17.20 (£13.10) per day of jury service.