Barclays has appointed Antony Jenkins, head of its consumer banking business, as CEO in succession to Bob Diamond, who resigned following the Libor fixing scandal.

Jenkins, seen here at a conference, has run the group's retail operations for several years and has held the title of global retail CEO since 2009. He then took over the Presidency of Barclay card US in 2007. Often dubbed the "Mr. Nice" of British banking, Jenkins' persona and background is vastly different to his predecessor Diamond, who was widely criticised by MPs across a number of Treasury Select Committees in the wake of the Libor scandal for not having enough retail banking experience.

However, although the three heads at the top of the company have gone, they aren't out of the woods yet - as Barclays is still facing a number of civil investigations across several global jurisdictions, and they are also being investigated by the UK's Serious Fraud Office, which could result in a criminal prosecution. So it's just as well that Mr Nice will hit the floor running.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.