Bates Motel
Psycho prequel TV show Bates Motel returns with season 3 BatesMotelAETV/facebook

Bates Motel season 3 premieres tonight, 9 March with a new episode titled A Death in the Family. Spoilers for the new season suggest that things are going to get crazier and creepier on the thriller drama series.

"Norman and Emma each make a decision about their future. Norma sets boundaries with Norman. An unexpected visit causes trouble in Dylan's fresh start," reads the upcoming episode's official synopsis.

With season 3, the show leans more heavily on its Hitchcockian Psycho inspirations. "The first two seasons were necessary in setting up the relationships and the background of the descent of Norman into the psycho we know that he'll become," actor Freddie Highmore (who plays Norman Bates) told TV Guide.

"I think for the first time, the end is in sight and the things that we expect Norman to take on certainly happen more frequently in the third season."

As the third season begins, Norman and Norma are closer than ever. But the dangers of such closeness become apparent when Norman insists he doesn't want to return for senior year of high school and Norma's other son Dylan (Max Thieriot) expresses his discontent with 18-year-old Norman's uncomfortably close relationship with his mother.

Bates Motel season 3, episode 1 airs this Monday, 9 March on A&E at 10pm ET, 9pm CT. Click here to watch the episode live stream online.

Bates Motel, a contemporary prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho, depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in the film.