Bates Motel season 4 will not air any new episode on 4 April as the psychological thriller by A&E has gone on a fortnight hiatus. The show will return on 11 April (Monday) with another chilling episode narrating the journey of the mother-son duo Norma and Norman.

The show is a prequel to the acclaimed 1960's movie Psycho and narrates the plunge in Norman's mental condition. The upcoming episode will focus on the building of relationship between the Bates' son and his doctor Gregg Edwards.

The synopsis of episode 5 titled Refraction reads: Norman tries to confide in Dr. Edwards, but worries he might be saying too much. Norma hires an artisan to fix a window, while Romero pieces together a crime that threatens his new life.

In the previous episode, Norman escapes from his mental asylum along with his new friend and fellow patient Julian. The two mentally unstable boys try to test their luck in a local strip club but soon the "Mother" appears but before she could decide on killing the stripper, a fight between Julian and some bouncers leads to the arrival of Dr Edwards.

The incident finally breaks Norman, who agrees to tell the "truths" about the "Mother" to his doctor. As of now, fans know that Norman thinks of himself as the "Mother" while killing his victims but when in sense, he thinks his mother is doing all the crime and as a dutiful son he need to hide her sins.

Norma, on the other hand, is trying to make the most out of her sham marriage with Romero. In the previous episode, Romero learned that Bob Paris has a huge amount of money. As suggested in the synopsis, he will get into some serious troubles that will threaten his newly-married life.

To know what lies ahead for Norma, Norman and Romero, fans need to wait till the new episode airs on Monday 11 April on A&E network.