Norma Bates finally said "I Do" to Sheriff Alex Romero, but it does not seem like she has found her "happily ever after" end. As Bates Motel season 4 returns with episode 4 titled Lights of Winter on 28 March, it remains to be seen where her life is headed. Also, the synopsis suggests trouble for her sons, Norman and Dylan.

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So far, fans have seen Norman getting psychological treatment at a mental asylum. However, he somehow managed to sneak into the office with the help of his new friend and called his elder brother.

Now, the latest promo video released by A&E features a creepy conversation between the Bates brothers. Norman calls his half-brother Dylan and warns him of an upcoming police raid at their house. "Dylan, mother is in trouble. The police may be coming to the house to talk to her. Because the truth is going to come out now about a lot of things," he tells his brother over the phone.

Dylan immediately understands his brother's mental theories and asks him whether he was doing fine. "This isn't about me," Norman answers and adds, "It's about the price that we all paid for keeping secrets."

The official synopsis of episode 4 reads as follows:

Norman has an adventure with his new friend. An annual festival in White Pine Bay gives Norma her first taste of real happiness in some time but puts Romero in a potentially awkward situation. Dylan finds himself caught between two families.

In the previous episode, Norma got married to Romero to avail medical insurance for her mentally ill son. The fourth episode will focus on her short-lived happiness and how she manages to establish a harmonious relationship with her new husband.

"I think that you're gonna see that it's pretty complicated between these two and very complex," Vera Farmiga (Norma) told Zap2it. "Everyone expects a certain thing, but I keep reminding people that Norma has not had the best taste in men. And she's in a pattern and we don't know that much about Romero."

To know how the Bates cope with all that is coming their way, watch Bates Motel season 4 episode 4 that will air on A&E network on 28 March.