Latest scoop on Jared Leto's Joker's role in the upcoming DC supervillain team-up movie - Suicide Squad teases key story details for Batman v Superman and also reveals some connecting plot points between the two films.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

Latino Review's El Mayimbe latest post reveals detailed information on The Joker's look and role in David Ayer's Suicide Squad. (via ComicBookMovie)

"He's lean & scarred but his suit does have broad shoulders. Joker works out in his cell like an inmate when he is interrogated by Amanda Waller. He's doing hand stand push ups so it makes sense that Jared Leto said he is putting on weight. He's definitely not skinny, but in fact more muscular. He has bleached skin not make up."

Batman v Superman
The Joker in Frank Miller\'s The Dark Knight Returns DC Comics

It definitely seems like the new version of The Joker will be a strong, muscular one unlike the previous depictions (Jack Nicholson in Batman and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight). The look of Jared Leto's Joker seems to be closer to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

The report also provides details on what got The Joker locked away in the first place:

"He's killed one of Batman's sidekicks, there is a lot of references to his past crimes. He kills a lot of people."

Now this is the part which might link Joker's story to Batman v Superman. While the presence of Robin in the film is not yet confirmed, strong rumours suggest that a reference to Batman's sidekick will be made. It could either be a subtle hint like the Robin costume in the Batcave, a photograph or maybe a flashback scene. That remains to be seen.

Earlier rumours also teased that the absence of Commissioner Gordon in Dawn Of Justice might have something to do with The Joker. Maybe Gordon was among the "lot of people" that The Joker killed.

"If DC is trying in earnest to build possibilities and connect the worlds of their superhero characters, you would expect them to start planting some seeds for future Batman movies in Batman v Superman. What better way to do that than to give audiences a reason as to why and how the Joker ended up in jail and make it extremely personal for Batman? It would perfectly heighten the tension in future meetings between these two characters if Joker is the one who killed Jim Gordon," reports Moviepilot.

While fans will definitely miss the Joker in Batman v Superman, rumours about the ending of Suicide Squad suggest that The Joker escapes prison with Harley Quinn. So, the clown prince is definitely expected to cause mayhem as one of the main villains in the follow up Justice League film.