Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sequel - The Justice League script is reportedly not too commercially viable.

People who have read the script for Justice League think it may be too complex for the average viewer to follow. Last week, Tech Times reported that the script for the DC superhero team-up movie has already been turned in, but not without some issues. (via Enstars)

As per the website's report, there are claims that the script is "too long and complicated" for the "average moviegoer" to understand.

Apparently, people who have read the script believe it's too long, complicated and only comic book fans will be able to follow it - which makes the film targeted to only a niche audience. It might not be the best move in terms of business for the studio considering the fact that DC superhero films are essentially serious and dark, as it is.

The report also revealed who the villain of the movie will be - it's Vril Dox, the original identity of Braniac in The New 52 comics (DC Comics' relaunch).

"It makes sense for Brainiac to show up because rumor claims the movie, currently, is codenamed Justice League: Brainiac's Saga, and it will be the first time we get to see Brainiac on the big screen," states Tech Times.

However, no official announcement has been made yet regarding the main villain in the movie.

Justice League Part 1 is slated to be released on 17 November, 2017 and Justice League Part 2, on 14 June, 2019.