Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder recently opened up about his role in DC Extended Universe and also spoke about the numerous theories circulating online around the film's plot, including one which said his son is playing Robin. Snyder told Yahoo, in his latest interview, that he finds these rumours and theories "funny" and outlandish.

Zack Snyder to direct Superman movie?
Zack Snyder Reuters

"There are so many, it's insanity," he said. "It's funny because every now and then someone will touch on something that's kind of true, but the next thing they say makes me realize that they took a wild guess. They'll say something and I'll say 'Oh snap, they must have seen the script.' And then they'll say, 'And this happens!' And then I'll go, They have no idea what they're talking about."

"It's fun for everyone to speculate and take shots and think of things and try to sell it. There's an industry in selling your guess. [People think], 'I'm going to make a fake script and look like I read the real one.' What length are you willing to go?" He continued, "There's a rumor that my son is [playing] Robin. It's not true. Now there are all these images of him that people have made where he's dressed like Robin. It's fun to hear and see them."

Dawn of Justice will set the stage for the two-part Justice League films. So, apart from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, characters like Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash (rumoured) will have important cameos in the movie. Asked if he's worried about over-stuffing the films, Snyder replied: "I try and stay central. There's something really fun about bringing the other characters in, but it's really about staying central to the real core mythology, is what I think the audience enjoys most."

The director also spoke a bit about his role in the development of the DC Extended Universe beyond Batman v Superman, which includes serving as a producer on Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

"I'm staying with Batman v Superman and Justice League and Justice League 2 — those are my main responsibilities, as well as producing the other movies. That's the main line. Once you get Justice League, you're pretty deep in it. But like I was saying, not to be a selfless promoter of our program, what it shows is that we have this giant berth of opportunity with the DC movies now to, I think, find the opportunities for even young filmmakers to even get involved because there are so many projects."