Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Batman v Superman is scheduled to hit theatres on 25 March 2016 Warner Bros Pictures

A detailed new synopsis for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has surfaced online, thanks to the United Kingdom Vue cinema chain. While the description does not reveal anything that fans did not know already, it does provide some more clarity on the reasons behind the two iconic superheroes' warring nature in the film.

The synopsis also confirms that Superman is the sole reason behind the "seasoned" Batman putting on his cape and cowl after retirement. Check it out below: (via ComicBookMovie)

"Following his titanic struggle against General Zod, Metropolis has been razed to the ground and Superman is the most controversial figure in the world. While for many he is still an emblem of hope, a growing number of people consider him a threat to humanity, seeking justice for the chaos he has brought to Earth.

"As far as Bruce Wayne is concerned, Superman is clearly a danger to society. He fears for the future of the world with such a reckless power left ungoverned, and so he dons his mask and cape to right Superman's wrongs. The rivalry between them is furious, fueled by bitterness and vengeance, and nothing can dissuade them from waging this war. However, a dark new threat arises in the form of a third man: one who has a power greater than either of them to endanger the world and cause total destruction."

Batman v Superman is just about three months away from release and till now fans have not seen a suited up Aquaman in action in any of the released trailers. Will we get to see him in the new upcoming footage slated to release on 19 January as part of a special segment on The CW titled DC Films Presents: Dawn Of The Justice League? Well, fingers crossed!

First official look of Jason Momoa as Aquaman Warner Bros. official

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theatres on 25 March 2016.