Battlefield 1
Zeppelins will figure into Battlefield 1. EA

EA has announced Battlefield 1 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Set for release on 21 October (18 October for those who pre-order a special edition), the game is set durigng World War 1 - the first time the series has travelled back before the Second World War. A livestream event hosted at the Gfinity Arena in London was the setting of the reveal, and it was there that members of the development team DICE revealed more details about the project.

To coincide with the announcement, and the launch of the game's first trailer, EA has released the first batch of screenshots - showing off Battlefield 1's African and European settings, cavalry - which is new to the series, and other vehicles such as tanks, bi-planes, boats and Zeppelins.

Battlefield 1
A multitude of tanks will appear in Battlefield 1. EA
Battlefield 1
A hint at the naval combat that will be included in the game. EA
Battlefield 1 horses cavalry
Cavalry in Battlefield 1 are a first for the franchise. EA
Battlefield 1 bi-plane screenshot
A shot of a bi-plane in Battlefield 1. EA
Battlefield 1
The character seen in Battlefield 1\'s teaser trailer. EA

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